As the Trooper song declares, we’re here for a good time, but apparently the sun can’t shine every day. We love the freedom our bikes bring, but weather is always a factor in the open air. Eventually you are going to have to ride in the wet. But this does not have to be the end of your good time. There are ways to keep riding on, and even enjoy the rainy days.

Tyres: Your first consideration is your tyres. Most tyres are OK in the rain; some are a nightmare though. Running track tyres in the rain isn’t going to work at all. Most likely your motorcycle has tyres that are rated good all around. This is fine, but if you haven’t had those tyres out in the rain yet, you need to take it easy your first time. If you have some extra cash and your region gets a lot of rain. It might be a good idea to buy a set of rain tyres. The Michelin Pilot Road 5’s are excellent, but there are many others to choose from.

Gear: Rain gear is about keeping dry, but there are levels of protection. Weatherproof is not waterproof, and when you get up to speed you will see how water finds its way in. You want to make sure your coverage is head to toe, because partially wet might as well be all wet. For your visibility you will want a rain and fog resistant visor, there are coatings you can apply as well. You are also going to need a waterproof jacket, pants, boots, and gloves. Maybe even extra face protection and that is not all. A waterproof tank bag is a good extra as well as some ziplock bags to keep valuables extra safe.

Riding: There are a lot of different opinions about rain riding, as there are with any riding style, but the essential piece of information is caution. Until you have many hours under your belt in wet riding conditions with your current setup, you are going to be at risk in corners, and especially braking. Unless you have ABS, take care to distribute about 70% of your braking pressure to the rear brake. You can manoeuvre through a rear skid, not so much with the front though.

It can be fun to ride in the rain, especially if you have all the gear and Yamaha motorcycle insurance. I remember getting caught in some serious gully washers, the experience was quite thrilling because I was ready. I slowed down, of course, and I stayed well away from other traffic. Get the gear, drive slower, and you will find any day can be a good time.