Comprehensive Handbook on Securing Optimal Bike Insurance Quotations

As bike ownership rises exponentially in India, buying satisfactory bike insurance has become imperative, considering the spurt in theft and accident cases. For first-time buyers, getting optimal coverage could seem challenging, given the numerous policies in the market. Using an online bike insurance premium calculator during bike insurance purchases allows you to secure optimal quotes from diverse insurers to protect your valuable two-wheeler possession. Moreover, this calculator can also aid during the bike insurance renewal process.

This article elaborates on the varied aspects to consider for grabbing the most suitable quote aligned to exclusive requirements.

 Understanding Bike Insurance Essentials

Before diving into getting a motorcycle quote bike insurance quote online, comprehending the basics is vital. Bike insurance majorly shields owners from financial liabilities resulting from theft, damage or accidents. The two primary types of bike insurance policies in India include:

  • Third-Party Liability Cover: This basic cover protects against legal liabilities arising out of harm to a third party in terms of property damage, disability or death.
  • Comprehensive Cover: This extensive cover shields both own damage and third-party legal liabilities. Additional benefits like personal accident cover for passengers and no-claim bonus protection further enhance financial security.

 Inspecting Claim Settlement Ratio

One of the foremost parameters to evaluate a reliable bike insurer is to assess their past claim settlement record thoroughly. A higher claim settlement ratio consistently above 90 per cent is indicative of the superior claim payment track record of the insurance provider.

 Strategising the Premium Outlay

Budgeting the premium outflow is vital for making the cover investment sustainable in the long haul. Comparing premium rates across insurers through online premium calculators aids prudent decision-making. Opting for basic third-party liability cover substantially curtails premium spending, however, the coverage is also limited. Further savings can be achieved via long-term policy plans and accumulated no-claim bonuses, especially for renewals.

 Checking Rider Options

Examining additional riders or add-on covers assists in customising policies as per unique needs. For instance, insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance provide innovative options like zero depreciation cover, engine protector, consumable cover, etc., which significantly trim down out-of-pocket expenses during claims, thereby offering financial cushion.

 Avenues for Fetching Bike Insurance Quotes

Selecting the appropriate platform or channel for garnering insurance quotes for motorbikes play an instrumental role in locating the ideal bike insurance. Some popular mediums consist of:

  • Authorised Bike Dealer Tie-ups – Buying insurance plans via authorised bike dealer tie-ups with designated insurers promotes a one-stop solution, thereby saving ample time and effort. However, constraints in customisation flexibility to match precise needs and the inability to compare quotes persist as prime impediments.
  • Insurance Agents & Broker Firms – Sourcing indicative quotes via interactions with well-trained agents and broker consultants assists greatly in suggesting policies aligning with the budget and extent of envisioned covers. Nonetheless, the looming risk of inflated pricing due to agency commission charges remains a prevalent shortcoming.
  • Online Insurance Aggregators – Websites and apps of digital insurance aggregators can empower seamless quote comparisons across a wide spectrum of products and insurers in one go. However, the quoted premium amount continues to raise reliability concerns.
  • Direct Insurer Websites & Apps – Obtaining real-time quotes directly from the official websites and mobile apps set up by insurance carriers eliminates dependence on intermediaries, thereby translating into reasonable pricing devoid of commissions. Increased flexibility to customise policies as per needs also comes as an added advantage.

 Significant Factors Impacting Quotes

A large number of intricate parameters exist that severely impact bike insurance policy pricing across providers, thereby mandating prudent consideration for optimising quotations. A few pivotal facets consist of the following:

  • Bike-Category and Model –Quotes vary substantially based on bike types, namely gearless electric scooters, manual transmission motorcycles, sports bikes, etc., in accordance with associated risk and claim vulnerability levels. High-end superbikes with cutting-edge specifications and superior engine performance also witness steep premium hikes.
  • Insured Declared Value – Determining the appropriate IDV value of the insured two-wheeler based on manufacturer guidelines on ex-showroom price, invoice value, etc., optimises ultimate premium outgo. Fixing higher IDV raises overall policy costs.
  • Cubic Capacity – The engine cubic capacity CC categorisation directly influences premium rates levied since it controls fuel consumption, speed capacity and claim likelihood. Greater CC levels denote exponentially higher quotes.
  • Geographical Zone – Location-specific pricing exists as per relative claim occurrence statistics, with metro cities and accident-prone areas attracting peak premium charges.
  • No Claim Bonus – Accumulating cumulative no-claim bonus tenure without lodging claims aids in securing discounted quotes during renewals, thereby promoting long-term financial savings.


Analysing claim settlement trends, customising covers to suit needs, researching online for insurance quotes for motorbikes from insurer sites and, securing optimal IDV, etc., collectively drive prudent bike insurance buying with reasonable pricing. Prioritising direct insurer platforms for securing quotes certifies transparency devoid of inflated commissions. Hence, proper research blended with wise customisation remains pivotal for making insurance for 2-wheeler investment rewarding.