A Guide to Selecting a Crane Hire Firm: What you Need to Know

We’d be totally lost without crane hire, especially with today’s mobile crane solutions that can lift almost anything and if, for any reason, you need crane hire, there are many companies out there, it can seem like a daunting task to choose. In order to help you through the maze of sourcing crane hire, here are a few tips from the professionals.

  • Check the ‘About Us’ Page – When looking at crane hire companies in Perth, essential background information can be found on their website ‘About Us’ page. This will tell you how long the company has been in existence, as well as the available resources they have at their disposal.
  • Associations & Trade Federations – If the crane hire company is a member of a trade federation or association, this a sure sign of credibility. The requirements for membership are very stringent and when a crane hire firm is a member, this means they have been inspected.
  • Prompt Response – When you make an enquiry via the provider’s website, you should expect a timely response and excellent service from start to finish. Indeed, any company that is customer focused would maintain a high level of customer service, which should be apparent from day one.
  • Professional Advice – In the event you are not very well versed with heavy lifting, the crane hire firm should be able to advise you on your needs. This may involve sending a technician to the site and carrying out a survey, which enables the experts to quote for the project.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – It is essential that the crane hire outfit are comprehensively covered regarding insurance (this information should be on their website).
  • Check out the Online Reviews – It is quite easy to find out what the community thinks of any potential crane hire firm, which is a good indication of the service you can expect, should you decide to use the company.
  • Wide Range of Cranes – The ideal crane hire company would have a wide range of cranes available for hire, including mobile cranes that can handle up to 500 tons. They would probably have a heavy-lifting division that specialises in large, industrial lifting, with a team of heavy lifting experts.
  • Attention to Detail – When you are planning a heavy lift, you want a crane hire firm that cares about the little things and planning a lift project should be their strong point. The crane hire company would likely assign a project manager to oversee the lift and liaise with all parties to ensure a successful outcome.

Every lift needs to be planned and co-ordinated by the experts and if you don’t have the feeling that you are in safe hands, there is something wrong.